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This slide show consists of 160 slides commencing with my boarding an Air New Zealand flight at Los Angeles International Airport, and finishing with my final departure from Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station thirteen months later. For your viewing convenience, the show is divided into nine sections:

New Zealand Through Arrival at McMurdo

McMurdo Through Departure for the Pole

Departure From McMurdo to Arrival at the Pole

Arrival at the Pole Through Survival Training

The South Polar Summer

South Pole Closes - Isolation

The South Polar Night

Fire! – Homeward bound at last

Special Photos

In automatic, the slides persist for 7 seconds. To interrupt the automatic display, just click on the "Play-Stop" button under each slide. This will allow you to navigate forward or back as you wish. You may resume automatic display by clicking on the "Play-Stop" button again.
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Home  Publications  South Pole  Photos Bio  Resume  Creed

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