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Robert G. Williscroft

Centennial CO  |  United States of America
TEL 818.613.9445  |  Fax 818.301.2512  |  rgw@argee.net


To apply my marine, engineering and information technology expertise and my pole to pole, land, sea, and ice experience to direct and manage mission critical projects and personnel within an engineering or high-tech environment.


  • A strong communicator, teacher, negotiator, and consensus builder. An engaging writer in a variety of formats, with significant editing experience, and a gifted public speaker.
  • Expert at explaining technically complex concepts and procedures in understandable language for senior management, and for in-house and outside consumption.
  • Decisive team leadership and project management under all conditions,  ideal to adverse operating conditions.
  • A published author – 2 text books, 1 technical and 2 general books, professional papers, technical articles, general articles, a syndicated column, and poetry. (Most recent books: The Chicken Little Agenda – Debunking Experts’ Lies, Pelican Publishing, 2006, in 2nd printing; and Starman Jones: A Relativity Brthday Present, Starman Press, 2008)
  • Design and construction of sophisticated networked office computer systems working with off-the-shelf hardware and software.
  • Implementing and training management and corporate staff in modern “paperless” digital procedures.
  • Expert with advanced features of MS Word (25 yrs), Excel (25 yrs), Outlook (13 yrs), and PowerPoint (14 yrs); and Adobe Pagemaker (24 yrs.), Acrobat (7 yrs), Illustrator (7 yrs), and Photoshop (9 yrs).
  • Expert at digitizing and cross-linking documents, preparing and implementing procedures for digital document storage and retrieval.

  • In excellent health and physical condition, with active interests in mountaineering, SCUBA diving, and similar activities. Able to employ skills effectively even under protracted conditions of extreme sleep deprivation, physical hardship, and mental distress

2010 – Present CEO BestLife international, Inc., Clarkston, Washington
  • Set up company corporate structure.

  • Normalized investor shares.

  • Wrote Business and Marketing Plan.

  • Wrote Private Placement Memorandum.

  • Set up and administered MAXelence LLC, whose purpose was to sponsor  NASCAR #28 and driver Derrick Cope for the 2011 Nationwide racing season.

  • Completed the novel, Slingshot, a hard Science Fiction novel about the building of the first space launch loop for moving men and materials off Earth without using rockets. (Out to publishers.)

1999 – 2010 Legal Consulting – Los Angeles, California
  • Designed and installed a 7-computer network in a Los Angeles law firm with a common client database and digital record-keeping.
  • Implemented a computerized, enterprise-wide legal billing system.
  • Developed & constructed enterprise-level system enabling a law firm to identify, solicit, and track bankruptcy-services clients based on home-foreclosure data.
  • Researched and drafted a successful Writ that established new California law in Spousal Battery: Pugliese v. Superior Court, 146 Cal.App.4th 1444 (2007).
  • Researched and drafted a successful Writ that reversed a California Superior Court’s decision to go forward with a broad-based trial in violation of California Family Law procedures.
  • Researched and drafted an appeal before the California Court of Appeals, consisting of 12 vol. of court transcripts & 10 vol. of exhibit appendices.
  • Researched and drafted an appeal before the United States Circuit Court of Appeals 
  • Researched and drafted an appeal before the United States Supreme Court
  • Conducted across-the-board legal research in California Family Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Law, and in jurisdictions across the country.
  • Drafted hundreds of legal briefs in California Family Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Law.
  • Drafted dozens of Form & Special Interrogatories, and Demands for Production, and reviewed, compiled, digitized and organized the received documents.
  • Drafted dozens of responses to Form & Special Interrogatories, and drafted the responses to and assembled & digitized the documents for dozens of document demands.
  • Drafted dozens of Subpoenas.
  • Prepared for several trials, both Bench & Jury, handling all the necessary logistics. Prepared & distributed Exhibits, drafted Motions in Limine, prepared Jury Instructions, arranged Witness transportation, obtained Experts, prepared attorney trial notes.
  • Trained legal interns in law office computer procedures.

  • Completed the book, The Chicken Little Agenda – Debunking Experts’ Lies, published by Pelican Publishing, Gretna, LA in 2006.
  • Was interviewed on 43 regional radio stations (several more than once), 6 national shows (several more than once), and three times on national TV.
  • Completed Starman Jones: A Relativity Birthday Present, the first book in the Starman Jones Series, in collaboration with Dr. Frank Drake, world famous director of the Carl Sagan Institute for the Study of Life in the Universe and the SETI Institute. This series of delightful stories about Starman Jones, Space Pup, and Billy, creates in children an intuitive understanding of many of the esoteric scientific concepts of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and other sciences.
  • Completed the novel, The Ivy Bells Compact, a first-person novelized telling of the Cold War underwater espionage endeavor, Project Ivy Bells. (Out to publishers.)
  • Published dozens of articles for national hard-copy online periodicals.
  • Managed 23 rental properties.
  • Passed the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) with a total score of 214 (Reading – 77 of 80; Math – 74 of 80; writing – 63 of 80) out of a possible 240. Passing is 123 (37 minimum in each of reading, math, writing).

1990 – 1994 Chief Staff Officer - Hyperbaric Technologies, San Diego, California
  • 2nd in command running four marine-related operations: a hyperbaric equipment construction company, a medical hyperbaric chamber management company, a shipbuilding yard, and a ferry cruise line.
  • Reorganized the entire company base, computerizing operations, and generally bringing them up-to-date.
  • Designed and implemented an enterprise-wide computerized document filing system.
  • Designed and installed a 4-location ticketing operation for the cruise line.
  • Supervised the construction and launch of an innovative Lexan-sided (transparent) tourist boat.
  • Supervised the design and construction of half-a-dozen hyperbaric chambers.
  • Oversaw the relocation of the entire enterprise to a new facility.
  • Published an updated section on Underwater surveying in the NOAA Diving Manual, 3rd Ed.

1981 - 1983

Officer in charge, Environmental Research Labs Geophysical Monitoring Program, South Pole – Environmental Research Labs/Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Boulder, CO/ Antarctica
  • Supervised the National Science Foundation Atmospheric Research Program at the South Pole.
  • Collected atmospheric data under the remote supervision of several Senior Scientists.
  • Collected atmospheric data under the remote supervision of several Senior Scientists.
  • Conducted preliminary analysis of incoming data, packagedsensitive data for shipping to designated labs.
  • Replacedthe atmospheric sampling equipment with modern, dual purpose equipment that could double as recharging  pumps for the station fire-fighting Scott Air Packs.
  • Supervised the scientific staff.
  • Completely redid the entire laboratory inventory of equipment and spare parts (must be entirely self-sufficient for 9 months), computerizing the results.
  • Station Fire Marshall – extinguished a fire in the power generating station overhead during the Austral Summer. Extinguished a major file in the station’s fuel system during the isolated winter-over (without casualties).
  • Awarded special recognition and cash benefit for the above actions.
  • Published Annual Report, GMCC South Pole Observatory, November 1981 to November 1982. Boulder, CO: GMCC.
  • Published South Pole in Geophysical Monitoring for Climatic Change Annual Report—1982. Boul­der, CO:  Environmental Research Laboratories, 1983.
  • Geophysical Monitoring for Climatic Change at the South Pole, 1981, with B. Mendonca, in Antarctic Journal.  Washington:  National Science Foundation, 1983.
  • Published several articles in national periodicals ranging from diving to astronautics to philosophy.

1978  –  1980 Navigator; Diving Officer; Officer of the Deck – NOAA Ship Surveyor (S-132), Seattle, WA
1977  –  1978  Officer of the Deck; Diving Officer – NOAA Ship Oceanographer (R-101), Seattle, WA
1975  –  1976 Navigator; Ops Officer; Saturation Diving Officer; 1st Lieutenant – USS Pigeon (ASR-21), San Diego, CA
1974  –  1975 Navigator; Ops Officer; Saturation Diving Officer – USS Ortolan (ASR-22), Philadelphia, PA
1970 –  1972 Comm  Officer, Sonar Officer, Assistant Weapons Officer – USS von Steuben (SSBN 632B), Charleston, SC
1963 –  1965 Sonar Technician – USS John Marshall (SSBN 611B), New London, CT

1997  –  1999 Stockbroker – Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Los Angeles, CA
1994 –  1997 Independent Financial Consultant – Philadelphia, PA
1986 –  1990 Chief Executive Officer – Manuscripts International, Ltd., Dayton, WA
1988 –  1990 Founder – Romar Books, Ltd./Evergreen Press, Seattle, WA
1983 –  1986 Officer in charge, West Coast and Pacific NOAA Diving Program – NOAA Diving Center, Seattle, WA
1980 –  1981 Officer in charge, East and Gulf Coast National Ocean Service Diving – Atlantic Marine Center, Norfolk, VA
1976  –  1977 Officer in Charge (OIC) – Test Operations Group – Submarine Development Group One, San Diego, CA
1973  –  1974 Navy College Recruiter – U.S. Naval Recruiting Command, El Paso, TX

1997 Series 7 Stockbroker – Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, New York, NY
19812 - 1983 Ph.D., General Engineering – California Coast University, Santa Ana, CA
1981 M.Sc., General Engineering – California Coast University, Santa Ana, CA
1966 - 1969 B.Sc. Marine & Atmospheric Physics – University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Civil Air Patrol
Los Angeles Adventurers’ Club
International Association for Hydrogen Energy
American Astronautical Association
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Marine Hydrographic Society
Marine Technology Society
Military Officers’ Association
National Space Society

Who’s Who in America - 2008 - 2012

German: Native fluency on general topics. Some technical vocabulary.
French: Can communicate with difficulty. Canfast-track to basic speaking & writing skill.
Russian: Studied in college. Can fast-track to basic speaking & writing skill.
Vietnamese: Studied in Navy. Can fast-track to basic speaking & writing skill.

Top Secret (Special Circumstances), last updated in 1976.

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