Wednesday, August 31, 1983 




In response, I received this 

letter from a Seattle Attorney, Robert W. Zimmerman: Zimmerman Letter


I answered Zimmerman with this letter: Response to Zimmerman

Editor, The Times:

There comes a time when even the silent must speak out. I am convinced I speak for the majority of my fellow citizens when I address the following words to President Reagan:

 “You visited our beautiful city, Mr. President. We were honored to have you as our guest. We would have put our best foot forward,. in spite of honest differences some of us have with some of your policies, but several hundred of our fellow citizens thwarted our best intentions with their uncivilized and truly un-American conduct.

“I understand only too well that your · policies are designed to protect our civil liberties, to perpetuate our American freedoms, to make possible, in fact, the act I witnessed and so deplore. I extend to you my personal apology for the conduct of the man who said you should be ‘offed,’ that somebody should ‘shoot him,’ It truly is unfortunate that liberty and freedom are so easily abused.

“And speaking for myself, sir, I urge you to keep on trying for another four years; the country still needs you.”

—R.G. Williscroft

7600 Sand Point Way N.E., Seattle