Seattle Times, Sunday, May 14, 1967 

In response to: Seattle Times-Davy 5-7-1967


Space Adventure



Editor, The Times:

John Davy’s dollars-and-cents approach to the world space effort (The Times, May 7) shows a lack of basic understanding.

I wonder if, when he was a boy,. Davy traveled with adventurers and pirates to places unknown; if he thrilled to sights never seen or to actions untried.

Man the dreamer, man the adventurer is not content with just measuring the height of Everest; he must go there himself. He is not satisfied with placing a lead ball in the cleft of Challenger Deep; he must accompany one on its long descent.

Man’s place in this universe is insignificantly small, but his imagination is boundless. Man is now on the threshold of his greatest adventure. He is taking the first faltering steps from his cradle and Davy would decry the cost of the shoes.

Technology has been enriched greatly by man’s surge to go where no man has gone before, but there is more to it than that.

If Davy would…step outside for a glance at the stellar spectacle of a clear night sky, maybe he would once again capture a bit of the dream.

—R.G. Williscroft

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